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A lot of people hate dubbed films, but in the case of What The Health, dubbing is a great alternative, since the film’s content is dense.

There is a lot of data and information and therefore, the dubbed version becomes much more accessible and easy to understand for everyone. Get the family together in the living room and watch this powerful documentary for free.

Watch the documentary below:

Executive produced by Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix, the film is directed by the young filmmaker Kip Andersen, who made the great documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (The Cow Conspiracy: The Secret of Sustainability).

The title “what the health”, which still doesn’t have a Portuguese version, is a sound word with the North American expression “what the hell”, which means “What the hell is this ?!”, in free translation. The expression “what the health”, therefore, would be something like “But what health is this ?!”.

The film follows the same molds of the work previously created by Kip Andersen, leading the viewer to accompany him in a search for answers.

Kip maintains a logical and virtually irrefutable line of reasoning based on large studies published in medical journals and also on the statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that classifies processed meats in group 1 for cancer risk (remember here).

Be sure to watch and set aside a dedicated time, because the content is dense. It is not a dull movie, it is nice to watch, but it is content from the first second to the last.

There is no slaughter scene in the film, the script is focused on scientific data on human health.

What The Health was produced thanks to a financial contribution of more than R $ 900,000.00 (nine hundred thousand reais) obtained in a collective financing website (check here).

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